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Alberta Blacklisting Solution

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We are a Blacklisting Community. Our Hours are 24/7 we never close Except certain Holidays. We are here to protect the Discord Community. 

We Assist With Protecting The Discord Community From Bad User. We are Alberta Blacklisting Solutions. We also do Partnership with Roleplay Server's.

Every other Server On Discord as well. We also have multiple servers you can  join. We are Copyrighted thru Copyrighted.com. We also have Self Promo Channels as well.  We welcome everyone. We also have staff positions available as well. Come on by we will be glade to have you. We are part of Alberta Network

What We Offer Here at Alberta Blacklisting Solution

〔🔷〕 Blacklist/Watchlist

〔🔷〕 Server Security


〔🔷〕Self Promo Channels

〔🔷〕Active Staff

〔🔷〕We Also Have A Hangout Server

〔🔷〕Counting System

〔🔷〕Boosting Perks

〔🔷〕 Movie Nights


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Alberta Blacklisting Solution